Della Yuan 袁依, BA, MA, JD, GDLP

Lawyer 律师


Della resolves legal issues to allow you and your business the freedom to focus on what you want to be doing. She draws on an array of experience to ensure that your business is provided with the best advice that will navigate the situation with professional ease.

Imagine being able to quickly solve your legal issue so that you can return to chasing the dreams you want to achieve in this country.

What if you could confide with a chinese speaking lawyer, confident that they will understand how the issue affects your business and how to solve the problem in line with your goals.

Della brings this possibility to reality, having worked at both private practices and community legal centre in a broad spectrum of legal areas she is more than confident in providing the solutions with a business mindset.

At Teddington Legal, Della practises primarily in contract and commercial law by applying her experience in contracts, commercial dealings, insolvency, credit and debt and international transactions.

Della also has experience in dispute resolution including mediation and litigation in federal courts, New South Wales courts and NCAT.

Chinese Speaking Lawyer

Della is proudly a Mandarin speaking lawyer. She is able to fluently communicate in both English and Mandarin ensuring that your intent is effectively conveyed so that she may be able to understand and commit to resolving your issues.

Solution Offerings

Some of the specialised work that Della can provide as a Chinese speaking lawyer include:

• Contracts drafting, reviewing and negotiation;
• Shareholders agreements, Seed investment agreement, joint ventures & partnership agreements, loans, services and supply agreements, terms of trade, franchise, distribution agreements, consultancy agreements;
• Intellectual Property matters, trademark registrations, copyrights, assignments, licencing, enforcement;
• E-commerce and IT matters;
• Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and Customer Contracts;
• General Advice and Business Advisory;
• Acting as In-House Counsel for SME’s requiring outsourced legal services on an ongoing basis (retainer);
• Interpretation of common law and statute;
• Business, commercial and property mediation and disputes; and
• Litigation including complex matters, having appeared in Local, District and Supreme Courts.

Mission Objective

Della strives to make the ideal a reality for her clients, allowing the mandarin speaking community the fair go that Australia promises. She is bringing the “What if” to a reality for her clients on a daily basis to ensure that they don’t miss out on their best opportunities.


在进入Teddington Legal之前,Della曾在私人律师事务所和社区法律中心等各种法律领域中工作过。在Teddington Legal,Della的主要业务领域为合同和商业法律,充分运用她在合同、商业交易、破产、信贷和债务以及国际交易方面的丰富经验。






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