Lijuan (Julia) Deng 邓莉娟 律师, LLB (China), LLM, GDLP

Lawyer 律师

Julia holds both Australia and China lawyer license. She was a partner of Shujin Law Firm Shanghai Office for few years. She was admitted at High Court of Australia and Supreme Court of New South Wales. Her main practice areas are property law, commercial transactions and migration law. Given her work experience both in Australia and China, Julia has unique advantage in assisting Chinese clients in property acquisitions and commercial transactions. Julia is professional, reliable and detail orientated. She understands the real needs of the clients and assists them with her excellent communication skills.

Julia分别持有中国和澳洲律师执照,曾在国内知名的信达律师事务所上海办公室任合伙人多年。Julia在澳洲最高法院和新南威尔士州高等法院分别注册为执业律师。 她的主要工作领域是物权法、商业交易和移民法。多年的执业经验,中西结合的教育背景使Julia在通晓澳洲本地规则的同时,充分了解和尊重华人的思维逻辑习惯。她认真细腻、精益求精,在理解客户真正需求以及与客户沟通方面具备良好能力。

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