Professor Ligang Ji, B.History, M.Laws, D.Laws

Foreign Registered Lawyer (NSW), China Practicing Lawyer, Scholar

Professor Ligang Ji has long been conducting research and teaching Contract Law, Business Law, China Investment Law, and Property Law at the Law School, Fudan University, and is a well-known scholar in Chinese academic circles.

Since 1997, Professor Ligang Ji has undertaken research into the legal system focusing on crisis management of financial institutions. He was among the first scholars who studied Insolvency Law in China. His translated work A Comparative View of the Legal System for Bank Insolvency Law (written by Eva H.G. Hüpkes) was China’s first book on bank insolvency.

Professor Ji’s work the Comparative Studies on Bank Insolvency Law has extensive influence in the field. He stays alerted to the legal issues generated in the international financial crisis, and his research fruits are attached with great importance by the academic circle and legislation authority. He was invited to provide advice on the legalization of the Bank Insolvency Ordinance.

He has rich experience in legal practice, having practiced for many years, and served as the legal consultant in big business and financial institutions. He engages in litigation and arbitration and has been a well-trusted arbitrator. Professor Ligang Ji has been awarded with the title of Excellent Young & Middle-aged Jurists in Shanghai for his significant contribution in legal education and research.

During the scholarly visit to Germany and the United States, Professor Ligang Ji put his research focus on the issues such as “the latest development of international business law”, “the legal system for financial innovation and supervision”, and “the market entry of financial institutions and national treatment”.

He completed the paper titled as “Deregulation or Reregulation: the Trend of Financial Supervision Law” at Yale University in 2005, which pointed out the risk of financial crisis after the deregulation, and made his suggestions on the legislation to prevent the financial risk.


  1. Books:

The Study into the Business Legislation in the Republican China, monograph, Fudan University Press, March 2006

A Comparative View of the Legal System for Bank Insolvency Law, translated work, Law Press, China, March 2006

A Comparative Study of Bank Insolvency Legal System, monograph, Academia Press, April 2006

The Study into Foreign Legal History, compiled work, China University of Political Science and Law Publishing Press, January 2004

Contract Law Tutorial (New Edition), edited book, Shanghai Educational Publishing House, April 2001

  1. Theses:

On the types of official proprietorship in Han Dynasty – taking the bamboo slips as the study objects (2013)

The latest development of multinational bankruptcy legislation in the U.S and using it as reference to China’s legislation (2010)

The three debates regarding the legislation mode of civil and commercial laws in modern China (2006)

The conflict and coordination of the extra-territorial validity of multi-national bank’s bankruptcy (2006)

Financial supervision and financial security (2006)

The status and function of the clinic legal education in China’s legal education (2005)

Exploring the basic legal principles of the multi-national bank’s bankruptcy (2004)

The latest development of the Civil Procedural Law in Germany (Translated work, 2003)

The management of moral issues in Public Administration (2003)

The issues of Proper Law in International Syndicated Loan Agreement (1997)

The significance of ownership transfer formalities in the sales of property from the view of Real Right Behavior Theory (1997)

The discussion regarding “the Agreement for Investment Promotion & Protection” between ASEAN countries (1991)

  1. Research Report:

2007 Project of Department of Education, People’s Republic of China

The study of the formulation of public relations and relevant legal issues of Emergency Management of financial crisis

Person in Charge

2007 Project of Department of Education, People’s Republic of China

The study of the legal system of financial crisis management – based on the Article 134 of Enterprise Bankruptcy Law

Person in Charge

2006 Key Project of Scientific Research Innovation, Shanghai Education Committee

The study of legal issues of financial security and financial supervision – the legal environment of

Person in Charge

2003 China Law Society and Shanghai Law Society

The study of legal strategies to prevent the risk of the bank

Person in Charge

2003 Project of Shanghai Education Committee

The study of financial legal system in the view of Public Law and Private Law

Person in Charge

Off-Campus Roles:
  • China Practising Lawyer
  • Arbitrator – China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
  • Arbitrator – Shanghai Arbitration Commission
  • Standing Committee Member, Clinical Legal Education Committee, China Law Society
  • Vice-chairman, Financial Law Research Board, Shanghai Law Society


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