Zhaozhao Wu 吴昭昭律师, JD. M.Mgt (Accounting) LLB (China)


Zhaozhao obtained her Bachelor of Laws in a top law school in Beijing, China, emigrated to Australia, completed a Juris Doctor at University of Sydney and was admitted as a solicitor in 2015.

Zhaozhao first joined Teddington as a law graduate, artfully applying her advanced legal researching skills to complicated legal matters. Once she became a fully-fledged lawyer, her passion for devising practical legal solutions for clients, saw her fit seamlessly into the Teddington team focusing on Contract and Commercial law, IP & Trademark law and Property transactions.

She speaks Mandarin and English, and is an NAATI Accredited Professional Interpreter.

Apart from being a lawyer, she enjoys teaching as a sessional lecturer at the University of Sydney, applying her practice experience to bring a law lecture into action, and helping international students have a better learning experience in Australia.

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