Introduction to Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Webinar with Matthew Shearing

11:30am, Tuesday 23rd of October

Distributed Ledger Technology or ‘Blockchain’ is being touted as a game-changer for many industries. It promises a global transactional network, powerful multi-party automation and a more efficient way of doing business. But what is the technology and is the hype warranted? Matthew Shearing will address these questions and discuss all things blockchain, including:


The basics of Distributed Ledger or ‘Blockchain’ Technology;

TickThe current issues with information siloing and trust management;

TickWhy Blockchain provides a ‘trustless’ medium for exchange;

TickHow Smart Contracts allow visible multi-party automation;

TickWhy Smart Legal Contracts enable proactive enforcement of agreements and relationships;

TickPractical implementations of blockchain technology in contractual settings;

TickLegal issues and challenges surrounding the technology; and


How to prepare your business for the opportunities that blockchain offers.


You should come away from this session with a good grounding in what blockchain and smart contracts do, how they may be used and what steps you can take to begin using the technology in your business.

Matt Shearing

Matthew Shearing is a lawyer, educator, adviser, podcast host and speaker. With a focus on emergent technology, he’s well-versed in distributed ledger or ‘blockchain’ technology – from the theoretical concepts to practical implementation. As the founder of Blocksense, he teaches a holistic approach to disruption which considers not just technical potential, but business realities.

His podcast, The FOMO Show, touches on all aspects of emergent technology, and deals with many of the issues created by innovation. He’s also the founder of the Blockchain for Business meetup, providing a forum for professionals to learn about the technology and meet others involved in the industry.

He’s a member of Professional Speakers Australia and the Queensland Law Society. He holds a Bachelor of Law from Queensland University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law.