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Virtual Lawyer is an interesting term – in a nutshell it’s having your own In-House Counsel on a part time or scalable basis.

Accent LineWhat a Virtual Lawyer Means For You

A good relationship with a lawyer means smooth seas for your business.

It allows you to operate while trusting someone who understands your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

We build long term relationships that enable the client to have no significant litigation.

It builds a level of trust that there is a strong foundation of clear processes and frameworks for the business to grow from

That connection with a Virtual Lawyer frees you to be confident that you have a legal professional on your side who also understands your business interests.

Most of all, our relationships are built around not having any surprises.

The cost of a legal mistake could rip away any growth you’ve made, keeping you stuck in the office even longer, trying to cover the lost profit.

Accent LineVirtual In House Counsel

Virtual Lawyers will assist with everything from:

Drafting and negotiating contracts, agreements and policies that get the results you want, to

TickProviding advice and services regarding your strategic plans,

TickEasily dealing with corporate governance and vertical structuring

TickReliably securing the results you require for immigration issues and visas

TickQuickly and safely dealing with property leasing and acquisition

TickHandling employment issues and signings in the eyes of the law, and

TickEnsuring you are legally compliant and dealing with existing issues.


See what freedom other businesses are already receiving from their Virtual Lawyer.

Accent LineYour Options

From our experience, firms that don’t intimately understand your business and the way it operates can cause more harm than good.

Their ‘win’ isn’t what you dreamed.

Having billable hours rack up costs can turn the jubilation of a win to the dismay paying exorbitant lawyer fees.

Big companies solve this with In-House Counsel

What if you could have a flexible In-House Counsel, working only the hours your business desperately needs?

Imagine having an experienced lawyer you could trust in your office.

Knowing your business dreams are legally safe.

Imagine having a lawyer that intimately understands the ebb and flow of your business.

What if you could have this level of understanding and a professional breadth of legal knowledge at your fingertips?

This is what makes the Virtual Lawyer so attractive.


Mark Gardiner

We believe that a good Virtual Lawyer at the formation of strategy ensures you achieve your dreams whilst avoiding legal risks and keeping costs low.
Unfortunately the best Virtual Lawyers are a rarity, at Teddington we strive to only provide lawyers who can understand business and the law in a way you can trust.
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