Outsource Your In-house Counsel

Virtual Lawyer is an interesting term – in a nutshell it’s having your own In-House Counsel on a part time or scalable basis.


What a Virtual Lawyer means for you

A good relationship with a lawyer means smooth seas for your business. It allows you to operate with a reduced risk through the trust you have built up with someone who understands your business and what your trying to achieve.

We build long term relationships that enable the client to have no significant litigation to deal with as their business grows with them. It builds a level of trust that there are clear processes and frameworks for the business to stand on, ready to continue growing on a strong foundation.

That connection with a Virtual Lawyer lets you operate around teams and suppliers in comfort, confident that you have a legal professional on your side who also understands your business interests. Most of all, our relationships are built around not having any surprises, keeping a strong relationship through communication.

Without legal counsel the business you have worked so hard to build is at risk on every decision it makes. The cost of a legal mistake could rip away any growth you’ve made, keeping you stuck in the office even longer, trying to cover the lost profit. A lack of consultation could result in your business no longer being able to trade, no longer offering employment to you and your staff and risking the life you have built for your family.

Your Options

You could engage a traditional law firm on retainer, and while that’s better then no counsel do they really work in your best interest?

From our experience, firms that don’t intimately understand your business and the way it operates can cause more harm than good.

Winning the dispute means something different for them then it does to you.

Having billable hours rack up costs unseen before the monthly invoice can turn the jubilation of a win to the dismay of losing any profits you secured to your lawyers. Traditional firms can be good with the law, but they don’t understand how that can be used to reach the business goals that you’re after. Big companies solve this with In-House counsel, but that causes even more headaches when you don’t have enough work to warrant an employee.

What if you could have a flexible In-House Counsel, working only the hours your business desperately needs?

Imagine having a lawyer you could trust in your office when you need them the most.

What if you could have the peace of mind of being able to quickly check a decision by your In-House Counsel?

Knowing that your business is legally safe and you’re not putting your livelihood at unnecessary risk.

Imagine having a lawyer that intimately understands the ebb and flow of your business, who actively works towards the business dreams that you want to achieve.

What if you could have this level of understanding and a professional breadth of legal knowledge at your fingertips but only when you require?

This is what makes the Virtual Lawyer so attractive.


Virtual In House Counsel

Virtual Lawyers will assist with everything from:

  • drafting and negotiating contracts, agreements and policies, to
  • providing advice and services regarding your strategic growth plans,
  • corporate governance,
  • dispute resolution,
  • immigration and visas,
  • property leasing and acquisition,
  • employment law, and
  • legal compliance issues.
Teddington believes that good legal counsel at the formation of strategy, great legal frameworks and contracts ensures you achieve your dreams and objectives whilst avoiding legal risks and keeping costs low.


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