Outsource Your In-house Counsel

Virtual Lawyer is an interesting term – in a nutshell it’s having your own In-House Counsel on a part time or scalable basis.  The challenge in filling an In-House Counsel role is finding a person who has the experience and skills necessary to provide the breadth of advice and support needed by a business; finding one person who possesses this wide range of experience is often like finding a unicorn.  When you engage with the Teddington Virtual Lawyer service, you are supported by a team of legal professionals with expertise in business, property and immigration law – as and when you need it – without having to carry the employee overhead.

Teddington’s Virtual Lawyer service provides strategic and operational support and the convenience of your own in-house legal counsel without the associated costs of a full-time employee or major law firm bills. You choose how involved we become in your business, it’s all about flexibility and having legal counsel working for you when you need it. We can work from your office or ours – it’s your call.  With intimate knowledge of your business, your Virtual Lawyer is the perfect addition to your team.

Our Virtual Lawyer service is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your business, regardless of its size.  It can be scaled in any direction as business needs ebb and flow and the focus can change from contract to property, to employment and migration law.

The key reason an In-House Counsel is so effective is that they understand the business, it’s culture, products, team and more importantly strategic operational goals. Marrying this level of business intimacy with the breadth of legal knowledge and the added bonus of flexibility is what makes the Virtual Lawyer service so attractive.

Virtual Lawyers will assist with everything from:

  • drafting and negotiating contracts, agreements and policies, to
  • providing advice and services regarding your strategic growth plans,
  • corporate governance,
  • dispute resolution,
  • immigration and visas,
  • property leasing and acquisition,
  • employment law, and
  • legal compliance issues.

Teddington believes that good legal counsel received at the formation of strategy, great legal frameworks and commercial documentation of contracts and deals ensures you achieve your corporate goals and objectives whilst mitigating risks and avoiding potholes.  All companies benefit from having in-house counsel as part of their management team to provide sound legal underpinning for business decision-making.


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