Engaging Us

Teddington understands the commercial reality of budgeting and controlling costs.

That’s why we provide a fixed fee and where necessary a staged billing process for every legal matter we undertake. We will never progress beyond the stage of the known and agreed financial commitment without advising and gaining approval to proceed.

Our fixed-fee approach provides security and financial peace-of-mind for our clients and allows our legal teams to pursue and concentrate purely on the legal matter at hand.


Teddington Legal is a New Style of Law Firm

A firm that works alongside you, that understands your goals and objectives, delivering business solutions not just legal advice.

Teddington Legal believes all businesses deserve the advantage that comes with having your own in-house counsel and personalised legal support. Small businesses, start-up businesses and medium sized enterprises can all benefit from a service that provides strategic support with a legal underpinning to their business decision making.

Enormous value can be derived by having a commercially savvy legal mind with intimate knowledge of your business and industry as part of your executive team. Legal involvement should be seen as a strategic advantage, preparing you for corporate success and not simply as an adjunct to your business visited only in times of crisis.

You can choose how involved we become in your business and engage Teddington Legal on retainer, part-time, per project or individual task basis. This flexibility gives you the support and convenience of your own in-house legal counsel without the associated costs of a full time employee or major law firm bills.

Having a lawyer with extensive experience operating as part of your team can provide value in a way that a transactional lawyer simply cannot do.


Providing flexible pricing arrangements is key to delivering value to our clients and ensuring costs are never a surprise. Based on your requirements and how you’d like us to support your business, you can use one or a combination of the below methods:

  • Fixed Fee: (our preferred option) When you have a very specific piece of work such as an agreement, conveyance or contract of sale, we can quote upfront so you are comfortable.
  • Retainer: Regular payments commensurate with the agreed time commitment so you have access to us whenever you need.
  • Hourly: only if the matter is litigation based.



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