Gig Economy – Employee v Contractor

If you are unsure to the status of your workforce or the robustness of your employment and contractor agreements, we can help. Contact Mark on 02 8096 8143.

Fair Work Award Pay Rates Increase from July 1 2019

Fair Work has handed down their Annual Wage Review. The 2019 Minimum Wage Decision applies to all employees covered by the National Workplace Relations system. If these changes apply, employers need to adjust employee wages accordingly in the next full pay period starting on or after the 1st of July 2019. The new Federal weekly minimum […]

New year changes to Immigration process

A new financial year is usually a time when government implements new changes and increases in fees as part of the immigration process. This year is no different. Visa Application Fee Increases The Department of Home Affairs has announced a 5.4% increase in application fees for most visa classes, commencing 1 July 2019. The increase […]

What will the ATO focus on this tax season?

For our clients who have investment properties as part of their investment portfolio and are running businesses, this piece by Jessica Jiang of Clarity Tax Consulting, is really informative. As Australians prepare to lodge their tax returns, the ATO reveals, besides keeping a firm eye on work-related expenses, the ATO’s top priority this tax year […]

A Monkey, A Dog And An Explanation of Copyright

If you film a monkey who has the copyright? You, right? What if you are interviewed, do you own the rights? And if you recorded the sound? Or if it was filmed? What if someone uploads it to social media? The Basics of Copyright Making a Monkey of Copyright Videography Exceptions Social Media Interviews Computer […]

The Path to Permanent Residency in Australia

Generally, it is a good idea to become somewhat familiar with the country before starting the pursuit of permanent residency. For that there are a couple of visa options to get you out and about in Australia. Tourist Visa Working Holiday Visa Application Process Student Visa Permanent Residency Conclusion Tourist Visa Australia is a great […]

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Leases

It can feel somewhat daunting to be investing in a commercial lease in Australia which is why we’re going to cover information that will ease the process and reduce the stress. We are going to cover how make sure you are entering a smooth and secure negotiation that ensures your investment stands the best chance […]

Contractor vs Employee in the Gig Economy

Contractor vs Employee in the Gig Economy The media keeps reporting that the gig economy is on the rise, but how does that affect your business? Are the people that you hired employees or contractors? The employment contract may say one way or the other but in the eyes of the law that is up […]

The Conveyancing Process | Simplified

Wondering what conveyancing is? Well put simply it’s the transfer of ownership of a property from one party to another. Pretty simple right? Sadly, I’d be wrong to believe that. Usually it involves several steps that can get quite complicated. These differ from if you are the party purchasing the property or if you’re selling […]

The Commercial Leases Cheat Sheet | Infogaphic

The Commercial Leases Cheat Sheet We’ve put together a Commercial Leases Cheat Sheet to keep the process simple for you should you be looking at taking on a tenant or moving into a new space. If you have any queries feel free to get in contact and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. […]