Probate Services

If you’ve made it here, then you’re facing the task of administering the estate of someone close to you who’s just passed.  We are truly sorry for your loss.

The process can be daunting, painful, unfamiliar and quite frankly, stressful.  We’re here to lessen the load.

In the majority of cases, you are the nominated Executor of the will and such will need to apply for a Grant of Probate.  Or if the situation is a little less clear and the family member has died intestate, without a will, then you will need to apply for Letters of Administration.  We can help with whatever situation you are in.

There is a process that involves the below steps.

  • Initial consultation with lawyer is discuss specific circumstances
  • Gather required documents
  • Publish the probate notice declaring intention to administer the estate
  • Preparation of documents and signing requirements
  • Communication with banks, creditors & beneficiaries
  • Submit probate application with Supreme Court
  • Respond to Requisitions from the court
  • Provide ongoing legal support & guidance

Applying for Letters of Administration will follow a similar process with some subtle differences due to the lack of a Will.

It is recommended this be done within six months of the deal of the deceased otherwise the applicant will need to explain the delay to the court.

Feel free to email us, call us or fill to the form below, and let’s get this sorted for you.